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TWS is an executive search boutique specialising in the placement of ESG and responsible investment professionals across a broad range of asset management organisations within Europe and the Americas. We partner with firms whose strategies include the use of ESG criteria alongside financial analysis of assets, but also those where commercial purpose exists to solve and impact social or environmental problems.


While we operate in the asset management sector more broadly, our specialism is with hedge funds, equities and fixed income asset managers (cross strategy), and private equity businesses. We have become the preferred search firm for clients looking to make their first responsible investment hires at a domestic, regional or global level. This is often followed by a targeted team build proposal as part of a longer term implementation of our clients' ESG strategy.

In a humble attempt to be part of the solution, TWS has formed deep partnerships with two charities as part of a three year commitment to tackle social and environmental challenges. Our aim is not just to partner with those at the forefront of driving positive change in the world, but to create synergy in our market and show through meaningful contributions, that any business can make a difference.


With over a decade of experience working for top global recruitment firms and executive search boutiques, Tom Strelczak focuses on placing mid to senior level ESG and responsible investment appointments across Europe and the Americas within the asset management sector.


Previously, Tom established the financial services corporate governance practices at two international recruitment firms and led the European business of a private equity search boutique based in London focusing on the placement of investment professionals.


Tom is passionate about ESG and responsible investment, cultivating strong relationships with his clients, advising on talent development and finding ways of being part of the solution by partnering with impactful charities who benefit from each and every placement.

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